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Float and Flourish Center provides the ultimate environment for your mind, body, and soul to reach its maximum potential for relaxation, clarity, and healing through flotation therapy.

About Float & Flourish Center - Bonita Springs, Fl

About Us

Our lives have evolved through health and wellness for families, friends and patients. The concept for Float & Flourish Center came in 2012 when founder Guillermo Fernandez found out about floatation therapy also known as Sensory Deprivation Tank Therapy, Isolation Tank Therapy, REST Tank, Sensory Attenuation Tank and Think Thank while watching television celebrity Joe Rogan describing his personal experience with Floatation Tank and its purposes, such as “exploring the nature of consciousness, improving the health and well being”.

Guillermo Fernandez is the founder and president of Float and Flourish. Guillermo has researched Floatation therapy and traveled across the country to learn about all the many benefits, efficacy, and the most effective way of offering this therapy to clients. He has successfully combined this knowledge and experience to create Float and Flourish Center. He was present for every part of the construction, ensuring the best possible experience for our floatation clients.

Dr. Heather Smith-Fernandez is an anesthesiologist and fellowship-trained interventional pain physician, whose entire career has been focused on the relief of chronic and acute pain for her patients. When Guillermo first introduced the concept of floatation therapy, she was in total agreement that this is a very unique, highly valuable service and therapy to offer to our community. Heather Smith-Fernandez is co-owner and the Medical Director of Float & Flourish Center.

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