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About Oxygen Bar

Oxygen Bar allows people to breathe in non-medical oxygen for recreational use only. It releases 4 to 5 times the amount of oxygen present in regular air.

Oxygen fans tout the benefits of oxygen as reducing stress, increasing energy and alertness, lessening the effects of hangovers, headaches, and sinus problems, and generally relaxing the body. But there are no long-term, well-controlled scientific studies that support these claims for oxygen in healthy people. And people with healthy lungs don’t need additional oxygen, says Mary Purucker, M.D., Ph.D., a pulmonary specialist in CDER. The American Lung Association says the inhaling oxygen at Oxygen Bar is unlikely to have a beneficial physiological effect, but adds “there is not evidence the oxygen at the low flow levels used in oxygen bars can be dangerous to a normal person’s health.” (MedicineNet.com) Note: Oxygen Bar is not used for the treatment of any medical condition or illness. Oxygen Bar is used for entertainment and recreational only.

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